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Stitchy Postcard #1

In August, 2020, I tried out stitching on paper – I had never done it before. Here is one result.

I took random offcuts and scraps of fabric and laid them on a piece of watercolor paper cut to postcard size. Then I stitched around them. That’s pretty much it.

I left the thread tails hanging from the card rather than clipping them. I liked the way it looked.

What we need is a nice riveting confrontation

That’s what he says. I am not so sure. In fact, I would rather not, please.

Postcard made in April 2020. And if you are thinking you’ve seen this guy before, you have – or something very similar on a recent Minuscule illustration. When I did the pictures for those stories, I often made several versions before I was happy with one for the story. Not being one to throw anything away, I cut out the part of the non-chosen illustrations and saved them, with many of them appearing as mail art or ATC’s. As is this one right here.

Postcard what we need is a nice riveting confrontation 4-2003

A Postcard in a Second Life

As you know I often provide illustrations for Fictive Dream, an online short story magazine. I enjoy working with editor Laura Black and each story presents me with an interesting challenge: find or create an image that complements the author’s words and intentions.

Recently we’ve sometimes used images I had already on hand. This was the case for today’s story. Laura asked me for an image along these lines: For this story I was thinking of your postcards with text that’s obfuscated. Specifically poetry, or if you only have prose, then text that is not too obvious.

So I got to work and found some images for her. I choose a variety of things, even ones that don’t really fit, because she may see something there that works, or that I could use as a basis to amend or alter the original work using digital techniques.

Here are the ones I sent her. This group consists of postcards just as they were made, no alterations:

This group includes items where I digitally altered or combined existing images:

After looking them over, Laura decided on one of the postcards from the first group, but she asked if it would be possible to flip it 180 degrees. Yes, it was possible, and I did so, also doing some slight resizing of the rectangle to make it fit the dimensions she needed for her purposes.

Here it is. Take a look and then read the story it illustrates, Poetry Reading by Louis Gallo,  at Fictive Dream.

Fictive Dream Postcard backwards p flipped and adj for size

Cold Scene

This image is another postcard from a pad of watercolor paper postcards I bought some time ago. I used India ink and white acrylic ink. The sky was made by first coloring it in in black, letting it dry, and going over it with the white in a thin layer.

Even though it looks wintery in the picture, there are seeds in the earth and spring is present, though hidden at the moment.

Made in April 2019.

Postcard moon 4-19 4 x 62