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Black and White Postcards

One day in November, I got out some supplies: India ink, a Chinese brush, and two packs of watercolor paper postcards I had bought to try out. I had a pile of photos, too, plus my imagination.

Quick and fast I made these drawings.

I enjoyed it. I’ll do this again.



Mixed Up

These postcards from June 2017 have a lot going on – paint, collage, India ink – even some of my handwriting practice work. When in doubt, just keep piling it on!

Printed Matter

These postcards all contain print. You know how much I like print. Here is is, again.

Orange Purple Red Yellow

A family resemblance but then they do have their own characteristics, too. Postcards made in June, 2017.

Gesso First

When I make mail art postcards, I use recycled cardboard cut to size, and I usually paint or collage or whatever on the shiny side, not the soft, absorbent plain side. I like the slick feeling of that surface.

Except when I don’t, and I gesso over it with a thick coat showing the strokes of the brush.

This mail art postcard shows the latter art path in action – gesso and then colors and spatters on top.

The card was made in June, 2017, acrylics on gessoed recycled cardboard.

Ink and Paint and Images Come to Life

I painted/collaged the postcard-sized cardboard and then I just drew in ink the image that was already there.

Repeat #3

This time I have returned to squares and rectangles. I tend to use the card as my inspiration, it’s shape, I mean, and starting from the outside edges paint into the middle. Sometimes adding scratches or bars or…

These postcards are from 2017, acrylics on recycled cardboard.