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Inspiration from a Post Card – Yes

If you follow my poetry blog you know I use all kinds of things for an idea-sparking moment. Including this postcard I made in February. It was a failed painting that I drew on. Then I wrote about it. Oh my goodness, this little piece of paper has had some influence way beyond its wildest hopes, that’s for sure.

Here is the postcard:

Postcard 2-19 Rooftop1

Here’s the post where I wrote about the poem-writing experience (look at the second half of the post where I set out some poems from the day’s writing).

And here is the poem:

A Simple Repair

Hesitant but
carrying out a necessary confrontation
on the roof of the house
in a nice suburb
a skinny lady in black pants
asks the workman
when the job will be finished
He gives her a blank look
calculating some increased hourly charges
to recompense him for this aggravation
while the skinny lady’s ancient mom
stares stony-faced out the window
and she thinks:
Ruthie is never firm enough
if only I could still climb a ladder
I’d get a grip on that man’s collar
you bet that roof repair
would be done tomorrow
superior quality of work
at a discount price. Yes it would.

In the living room Sneekle
a mammal of unknown style
consenting to live in this house
classified as a pet by the other inhabitants
though in reality nothing of the kind
stares with longing
at the non-gregarious houseplant
with whom
he would like to
strike up an acquaintance and
if things don’t work out
eat it.

There you have it
one minute after ten o’clock
on a weekday morning
Look at those rain clouds roll in.