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Drawing With a Pen #4

Earlier this summer, my husband and I set out to earn awards on the Montgomery County Trail Challenge – it involved visiting five or more country trails and traversing some portion of each route. When we visited the Cynwyd Heritage trail (Look here for the post I wrote plus some photos), we crossed the Schuylkill River on an old rail bridge, now part of the trail.

Here are some drawings from photos I took that day. The first two are from ground level in the Manayunk section of the city, where the old rail bridge crosses over the river and over the streets. The bridge with arched sections is the rail bridge. The next one is the commuter rail bridge, still in use.

The last one is of the commuter rail tracks heading into Philadelphia, this time from up above on the old rail bridge, now trail.

Photos of Spring and So On

Here are some photos I’ve taken and done some amending to – all from the rail trail at Lorimer Park/Pennypack Trail in Huntingdon Valley/Abington, PA.

Usually these photos had something wrong with them – out of focus, or that kind of thing. But, in each case I felt a pull to work with the image because there was a balance or a rhythm or something that seemed right – just needed adjustment. So that’s what these are all about.

Let’s Visit

Here is something I wrote in January, 2014. I had dedicated the month to doing clay, and I made a number of small figurines. Here’s what I wanted to do with them:

Back in the summer, my family and I placed three figurines in a little rocky grotto area in a park along a trail where I run. It had become an informal spot for remembrances, it seemed – there were other objects set there – tiles, wind chimes, a big painted wooden face. The three figures lasted about three months and then were gone. Not broken, as there were no pieces – I believe someone needed them and took them. That was great, I thought. We put three more in place. A couple of times I ran by and saw that someone had put a pile of change in front of them – the money stayed there until this group, too, were gone. Once again, no pieces – so I know someone needed them and took them along.

I have three more to put in place when I can get to the park again. And all of this gave me an idea about my figurines. I decided no longer to sell them. Just give them to people who seem to need encouragement, who I want to thank or appreciate, or who just like them and express an interest. And I also want to continue setting them out in public. People do seem to like seeing them, and if someone wants to take them home, I hope they will do so.

A lot of my plans got derailed with my hand surgery and health issues, but as I’ve said, I’m slowly working my way back. And I’ve begun putting out figurines – I’ve written about the one at Mondauk Park recently. The trail I mention in the paragraphs above is Lorimer Park, Montgomery County, PA. It’s a former rail line now turned gravel trail, and it’s beautiful – on a steep slope above a creek. The grotto is located in a cut through the hill – high walls of rock rise on each side of the trail.

I’ve walked there recently several times. And I noticed that all the clay figurines I’ve placed in the grotto are gone – for a total of nine. I think it’s great.

This time I had the idea to do something different. So I picked up three rocks from beside the site, painted them (three little versions of Mother Nature, I think). I returned them to the place I got them a few days ago. I visited them yesterday, and here is a little pictorial version of the journey.