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In the Rain

These tiles commemorate rain and suburbia, all in one.

Clay tiles, 4″ x 4″, Velvet underglazes on commercially made terracotta tiles,
fired at cone 06, January 2018.



Sunshine Photos Part Four

I can remember waiting in a parking lot to pick someone up, I don’t know who. I was a teenager and had had my driver’s license for not too long a time. Being in the car alone was such a treat. I wasn’t used to it and I paid attention to things that had not otherwise made any impression on me when I was just a passenger.

One of these things was the way the world looked through a thoroughly water-streaked windshield – when the wipers were off and the drops accumulated and ran together. What a view.

I still think about this view when I am in the car, waiting, with the wipers off. These photos are from a recent session such as that – I was parked next to the train station in Glenside, near my house, and this was the traffic passing my car. It had just begun to snow and the flakes melted as they hit the windshield.

The pictures were taken as part of my recent Sunshine Project. They are just as the camera caught the scene.

Remodeled #3

As I mentioned in previous posts, I reworked four 12″ x 12″ mixed media pieces – I’d started off as thinking of them as abstracts, and that’s how I did them. But – I just wasn’t satisfied, and I redid them with a bit more “reality” in them. Here is another one, “Traffic on a Rainy Day”. I picked it to show today because we are starting out on what promises to be a wet autumn day.