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Mixed Up

These postcards from June 2017 have a lot going on – paint, collage, India ink – even some of my handwriting practice work. When in doubt, just keep piling it on!


Printed Matter

These postcards all contain print. You know how much I like print. Here is is, again.

Orange Purple Red Yellow

A family resemblance but then they do have their own characteristics, too. Postcards made in June, 2017.


I hope to set foot on another planet some day. I am not sure how that will come about, but I think it would be with a sense of awe and wonder at the infinite experiences possible in our universe.

More prosaically, I hope it would be possible to pick up some rocks and bring them home. When I was young I did that (on earth, not another planet!) and had a collection. I still do it now and then, if I see something interesting. I think rocks from another world would qualify as interesting, certainly.

ATC #16 11-17002

Gesso First

When I make mail art postcards, I use recycled cardboard cut to size, and I usually paint or collage or whatever on the shiny side, not the soft, absorbent plain side. I like the slick feeling of that surface.

Except when I don’t, and I gesso over it with a thick coat showing the strokes of the brush.

This mail art postcard shows the latter art path in action – gesso and then colors and spatters on top.

The card was made in June, 2017, acrylics on gessoed recycled cardboard.

Ink and Paint and Images Come to Life

I painted/collaged the postcard-sized cardboard and then I just drew in ink the image that was already there.

Tall, Thin, An Air of Mystery

I find that certain silhouettes show themselves over and over in my work. This kind of tall, thin figure is one of those recurrences.

I place the figures in all sorts of environments. Here I feel they might be seers or persons bringing a message. Well, I will listen and see what they say.