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End of This Art Year and Ready for Another One

Yesterday I spent the day with my friends making art. I think I’ve mentioned them before – we’ve done several projects together. The group consists of Anna, her three children, Nellie, Luke, and Liv, and then there is me. We range in age from 5 to 55 and we all like to make things. That’s what we do when we get together, that, and eat lunch!

Our inspiration for yesterday’s work came from two sources. First of all, a little while ago I read a post about making a wreath on Be Creative Mary and forwarded it to Anna. I knew there would be plenty of material at her house for a project like this one. We would have a lot of fun. And I would get to use my new glue gun!

My second source of inspiration came from the robot project I recently did at our local library. I was a little vague how the plastic toys would fit in with the tin can idea, but somehow I thought it might be a good pairing.

So yesterday I brought over a bag full of objects, including tin cans and a whole collection of non-working Christmas light bulbs, and Anna revealed a wonderful stash of plastic toys, figures, animals, and frankly unidentifiable objects. We poured it all out over the dining room table and never looked back.


— Multiple sculptures. The tin cans came in handy here, and several works were made by gluing objects together on their own.

— A pirate diorama. Made by using a cardboard box and populating it with pirate figures. This project was a cooperative effort among us all. Liv colored the sky and sea and also separated little plastic bead-like things into colors so that Nellie could make a campfire with them. Luke created a teepee-like shelter. I made a cardboard mountain, covered it with felt, and glued on yellow beads for tulips. Anna, Liv, and I made palm trees – Liv made 2, including one with a pink glittery coconut. Anna used plastic spoons from the frozen-yogurt shop. Nellie made the fluffy clouds and the treasure chest, which opens and has jewels inside. The objects can be moved around inside the diorama in case there anyone else wants to land on the island.

— A “Conglomeration”. This creation used up all the leftover plastic toys and items. Anna glued as we handed her each item and indicated its position. Some items are glued on the inside, too. This sculpture may be a work in progress, since there is room for more, but I do think the tower of plastic figurines on the lid is great just like it is.

— The Wreath. This is Nellie’s creation. She carefully arranged the items and came up with a wonderful-looking wreath. The one on the door was immediately removed and this one put in place.

I hope I haven’t left anything out. The day was just packed full of creativity. I took pictures and I think the camera was over-excited by it all, as the pictures turned out just awful. But they are good enough to give an idea of how things went.

Thank you, Anna, Liv, Luke, and Nellie, for being my friends. And thank you also to Be Creative Mary, and to Allison at the Glenside library, for their inspiration.

Looking forward to a Happy New Art Year in 2014.

Robot Friends Come Home From the Library

Yesterday I attended a workshop at our local library, drawn in by the intriguing title of “Build Your Own (non-functioning) Robot”. The notice did say it was for all ages, so I signed up, although I knew it was meant for kids. Well, I haven’t let being about five or ten times as old as the other participants stop me from going to other events the library has put on, and I’ve learned some great techniques that have given me a lot of ideas. And had a lot of fun. Anyway, yesterday was the day. So I collected a bag of tin cans, plumbing supplies, and other miscellaneous metal objects from my stash of – well, junk, really – and took myself off to the library.

I arrived a bit early and added my materials to the pile that the librarian who organized the event, Allison, had brought in. She and two teen-age volunteers were going through everything. What a lot of items with so much potential! Old computer parts, forks, wire, bottle caps…you can just imagine. While we sorted things out, Allison told me she had thought of the idea for this workshop when she was brushing her teeth. I didn’t laugh, as I know from experience that it’s in the middle of such activities inspiration often chooses to strike.

Then the attendees came in, children of all ages and their parents. And then of course, me. We got right to work after a short safety lecture (handling the glue gun was for adults only). I made one robot and had such a good time that I created a second one.

Meanwhile, the room was full of activity and creativity. So many robots and each so different from the rest.

I am sure I will be trying something like this again. I can see so many possibilities for building figures using all kinds of discarded objects, now that I have turned my attention to the subject. Thank you, Allison, and the Glenside Library, for putting on this workshop.

So here’s my contribution to the robot population.