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ATC Explosion #2

More Artist Trading Cards.

Try making some yourself. Cut up anything you can find to paint on, draw on, whatever, in the ATC size – 2.5″ x 3.5″. Or, you can knit an ATC (I have seen these). Make little quilted ones. Fabric. Pieces of wood. See? It’s easy.

I’ve gotten myself all excited about the possibilities, just writing about them here. And the best thing is, ATC’s are so small, if one is not the greatest looking piece of art, well, just do another one!

The other best thing about ATC’s is that they are meant to be given away. That can include slipping them in a library book, mailing them to all your friends, leaving them on tables in restaurants.

Put your name on the back and any contact info you want (or none, if you prefer). People need to know who made the tiny piece of art they are adopting.

That’s it!

ATC 7-15 #6 small

Circling Around

More paintings done on ad cards from my junk mail. I can’t stop making them. Thank you to the person who thought up ad cards and even better, sends them to me for free! I love their slick surfaces and how the underlying pictures and print influence how I paint.

Great way to calm your mind, making work like this.

I have a lot of postcards to show. This group here is the one full of circles.

Remember, if you’d like a postcard (not necessarily these, because I may have mailed some of these already, I don’t keep track…but one like them), send me your address (claudiamcgillart@gmail.com) and I’ll send you one. Why not? It’s fun to get mail.