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Reporting for Duty

More knitted dishcloths. My summer knitting projects are going along just great!

I love these dishcloths. And, I can vouch for their usefulness and longevity – I got rid of all my store-bought ones about a year ago and switched to handmade. They have held up wonderfully, hold a boatload of suds, and go through the washer/dryer and come out as good as new.

So, who needs a dishcloth?

And, just to let you know, I have ordered some yarn for my fall/winter work – I make scarves for a charity giveaway a friend runs…

Get Clean

In the summer, I knit lighter things, and dishcloths made of cotton yarn suit me very well.

Our Future is Sudsy

Here are some dishcloths I made recently.

I’ve been knitting since I was 8 years old. I’ve made all kinds of things over the years. But right now, summertime, I am working on dishcloths. Here are the latest ones. Knitting does not seem to bother my hand, for which I’m thankful, as I love to knit. I have a pleasant routine in which I sit down in front of the TV at night and knit. It’s not uncommon that I lose the thread of the show and instead wander into my own thoughts.

As I said, I’ve been knitting for many years, and yet I see a mistake in one of these dishcloths – the purple and white one. A little purple stitch pushed into the white column…I guess my thoughts may have wandered too much – and I only noticed the mistake when I took the pictures. Well, the dishcloth will work just as well, won’t it?