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Space Visions

These postcards feature my version of somewhere in space, very far away…that I would like to travel to in my starship.

They were done in March, 2018.

Space Inhabitants

Two postcards depicting space people. Two different kinds of space people. I imagine there are lots more varieties of beings out there in the cosmos, but these are the ones who let me make a picture of them.

Postcards from February and April, 2018.

Planetary Influences

These tiles made in January 2018 comprise a small themed group I made with the idea of “planet” and “space” in mind.

Clay tiles, 4″ x 4′, Velvet underglazes on commercially made terracotta tiles, fired at cone 06.

Out There

Let’s travel.

Artist trading cards, November 2017.


I hope to set foot on another planet some day. I am not sure how that will come about, but I think it would be with a sense of awe and wonder at the infinite experiences possible in our universe.

More prosaically, I hope it would be possible to pick up some rocks and bring them home. When I was young I did that (on earth, not another planet!) and had a collection. I still do it now and then, if I see something interesting. I think rocks from another world would qualify as interesting, certainly.

ATC #16 11-17002