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Stencil People Tiles

I often do stencil work in paint and collage, but not in clay work. Here’s a first try.

Velvet underglazes on handmade clay tiles, fired at cone 06, December, 2017.


A Whole Crowd

Back in the summer I made this group of artist trading cards. I cut out some body-looking shapes and painted them. Then I stuck them to the already-prepared backgrounds and added details with India ink.

I have one more to add – here is an ATC formed by overlapping figures formed by the using a few of these forms as stencils. Plus a little India ink.

Now you have the whole story.

Variations on a Theme

You’ve seen stencil work from me before. And you will again. And then there is this example right in front of you, today.

I cut out the man figure and painted him black as he lay on a bit of grocery bag paper. I did it again, with a brush not-so-full of paint, and several times, moving him just a little each time.

So then I had a clear black figure to glue on to a background. I had a stencil guy. And I had a moving around kind of stencil guy.

I could have kept on, but I moved to some other idea, I guess. Not before I added some details to each card. Everyone deserves a showcase, I think.


Postcards, acrylics and mixed media, stenciling. The postcard are pieces of thin cardboard from food packages or the like, cut to size.

Stencil Guy

These are all mail art postcards made using the same figure. Let me think how I did these…

I cut out the figure from a paint card. I like the stiffness of the cardboard and yet it is not too thick.

Then I took some already-painted postcards and did my work. The first two are stencils with some details added.

The last card is the figure itself – I turned it over to the non-paint color side (you can see the black painting seeping around the edges from when I used it earlier) coloring it yellow and gluing it down.

One figure, reappearing in multiple roles…


We Left Something of Ourselves Behind

These artist trading cards were created by painting a background on the cards in acrylics. Then I took the cutout figures, laid them on top, and painted over them.

Peeling up each stencil, the figure’s shape remained. Then I used NeoColor I crayons here and there as I liked.

Positive and Negative

Two of the same, only not the same.

The fellow in the top card was cut from a brown paper grocery bag. I then placed him on top of the background in the second card and swished some blue paint over him.

Then I removed him, leaving the nice outline you see, a stenciled image, I guess. I moved the figure to the background in the top card and glued him in.

Voila! Two of them, the same but not the same.

These cards were made in December, 2016.

Shapes Emerge

I painted up some postcard backgrounds and then I placed cutout figures over them, painted, and then peeled up the figures. Stenciled people!

I added some details (in the one case, a lot of details!) as I felt it needed, and then…I had these postcards.

These are from January, 2017.