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Stick Ladies Update

Back in 2016 I did a thing called Claudia McGill Art Camp. My goal was to use supplies I had on hand, finish up projects, or try something new. One thing I did was to pull out my wood-burning kit and make these figures:

Stick ladies woodburned 8-16 #1 small


Here’s the post that describes the event – take a look.

Well, these ladies have been rattling around for – almost four years. I decided recently it was time to do something about this state of affairs.

My husband cut some @ 3″ square wood blocks from a scrap piece of lumber we had at home. I got some double-ended screws, the name of which I have already forgotten, but no matter. I painted the blocks black. My husband drilled small holes in the blocks and the figures and screwed them together.


Stick Ladies on stands with stand 5-20


Voila! So much better to be vertical, these ladies say.


Now, for the glamour close-up shots:

I said back in 2016 I would love to do more of these figures. Well, life intervened, and I have not done so. Things are different these days, though. I plan to check out some locations in the park for new sticks…

You may remember other stick ladies I have made. Painted them, is what I did. I don’t have any of these left – I distributed them through my art drop-off system that you know if you follow my Sometimes You Get So Confused blog. But here are some photos, anyway – it’s nice to revisit these little entities, I think.

Recent Arrivals in Town

I just made these in the last two or three weeks, I forget exactly when…I’ve got a whole pile of sticks ready to express themselves, so I’m sure more will be joining them. I had given away all the ones I made earlier in the year, so it was feeling a little lonely around the house.

Before They Were Born

Here are some future stick ladies. They have gone through the dishwasher (to remove any bugs that might have come along with them) and are drying out on my front porch. I have a lot of them inside the house ready to be painted. This group will come after those. In the meantime, I like the way they look, standing inside those empty terra cotta plant pots.

Future stick ladies 9-15 small


How about a few more stick ladies?

From the Woods to My House and Therefore Getting Painted

I haven’t worked on stick ladies recently – busy with other things. I had quite a collection from the summer, though, and here are some of them. I’ve given a lot away this fall, so I think I’ll be making more soon. I feel the itch.

I tried to find some sticks with curves, branches, or other interesting sections, and then I used the features in figuring out how I wanted to paint the women. They certainly develop their own personalities this way, or I should say, they have their own personalities already, inherent in the wood…

This group of ladies I painted just for myself. I have them in my bathroom right now. I designed their outfits and color scheme to go with the room – white, gray, and yellow. I think I will keep them there all winter and then maybe in the spring they’ll try a new location or who knows – a new home. Because I do like to give these figures to people.

stick ladies group of three in yellow white and gray 8-14

Here are some portraits of a few ladies. Thinking their own thoughts, they are.

A Lady of Substance

Here is a stick lady I made a while back. She’s about a foot tall, which is much bigger than the ones I have made in the past. The urge to create a larger version just overtook me and here is the result – a substantial lady.

I put her in the mail to a friend. Just seemed like the thing to do.

Want to see some other stick ladies? I have made quite a population.

Here she is, standing among some greenery in my front yard.

Here she is, standing among some greenery in my front yard.


Here is a story that can be told in a few pictures. It was a really touching experience for me.

Last Wednesday (today is Sunday), I set this stick lady in one of the railroad control boxes along the rail trail at Lorimer Park. I’ve used this location quite a few times. It’s very visible, right next to the trail.

The first lady.

The first lady.

The next day, Thursday, I came along and as I do, I looked to see what had happened to the lady. She was still there, along with a pink sticky note. Here is what the note said:

The note, front side.

The note, front side.

The note, reverse side.

The note, reverse side.

I was almost in tears. I took the note home. It’s on my refrigerator now.

I wanted to let the writer(s) know I had received it. So I wrote this note back, saying:

What I wrote back.

What I wrote back.

When I took it to the park on Friday, the original lady was gone. I left these two messengers to deliver my note.

The messengers.

The messengers.

On Saturday morning, the box was empty. The note and the ladies were gone. I don’t know if they went together or not.

Thank you to people who take the time to let others know that they are appreciated. That is something I didn’t want to keep secret.