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Outdoors Under the Sky

These paintings are 8″ x 8″, done in acrylics, June, 2017.

Plein Air Paintings

I’m not sure if I ever posted these paintings done at the plein air event I attended in early June, 2017. If I did do it, well, here they are again.


Curved Lines and Turquoise

Postcards, done in summer 2016, in acrylics on recycled cardboard. No more to say – just look, instead!

Garage Woman

Maybe I should really say, “Garage and Woman”.

I took this picture looking through the side window of my garage, in the middle of this summer, 2016. I like the reflection of the outside world mixed in with the interior view of the garage.

Nothing cosmic about this photo, just one of those times when you take a picture just to see what happens!