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People in the Outdoors

These tiles were fired in January, 2017.

There Is No Place Like Home

These were fired in January, 2017, and made in late 2016.

People at Home

These tiles were fired in January 2017, done in Velvet underglazes with no glaze on top. There is a variety of clays and sizes, each one mentioned in the captions.

Animal Kingdom

These 4″ x 4″ tiles were done with Velvet underglazes on commercially-made terracotta tiles and left unglazed. Fired in January, 2016.

Face It

These tiles were made in late 2016, I think, and fired in January, 2017. They are 4″ x 4″ and done on commercially-made terracotta tiles. I used Velvet underglazes and left the tiles unglazed.

Tiles From December, 2016 – Group 12

Two Lehigh Valley scenes.

You may remember I did a tile featuring a chef from the Hotel Bethlehem last year, too – I took both photos from the mezzanine above the lobby where the buffet was laid out. I am wondering if this will become a tradition for me?