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Art-Drop Off Objects

If you follow my blog Sometimes You Get So Confused, you are familiar with my art-drop off activities. These tiles are perfect for it and that is where they are going. Maybe some already have – I don’t keep track of the items I send into the universe, I just keep them in a box and refill it when needed or as I make new things.

There are always items that fit in this category, in every kiln-load. Something small and yet something a person coming along might enjoy taking home.

These tiles were done at various times over the summer of 2019.

Featuring Birds That Are Black

Here are two recent tiles that are for the bird-watchers to note down on their logs…

The first one is about 4″ x 4″, the second about 7″ x 7″.¬† Fired at cone 06 and colored with Velvet underglazes, these were done in¬†January, 2019.


Pattern Guy

For a little while I’ve been using a technique for my clay tiles in which I color the background (usually in black) and then take my Chinese bamboo brush and use it and various underglazes to fill in around a shape that I see only in my mind, until it emerges on the tile. Negative space painting, kind of, and something I learned from a book in the last year.

Anyway, for this tile, I did things a little differently. I colored it with random splotches of underglaze colors and then filled around it. The person emerged, dressed in a patterned personality. So did a grid of eyes.

I cannot explain. Don’t ask me how it all happened. It just did.

Terracotta clay, fired at cone 06, colored with velvet underglazes, January 2019.
Clay tile @ 7x7 multi-colored creature and eyes 1-192

People Sitting

Some people are busy, some are contemplative, some social, some taking life as it comes.

Clay tiles, various sizes, Velvet underglazes fired at cone 06, January, 2018.

Solitude and Society in Nature


Clay tiles, Velvet underglazes , January, 2018, fired at cone 06.