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Commuters: Train and Bus


Drawing With a Pen #4

Earlier this summer, my husband and I set out to earn awards on the Montgomery County Trail Challenge – it involved visiting five or more country trails and traversing some portion of each route. When we visited the Cynwyd Heritage trail (Look here for the post I wrote plus some photos), we crossed the Schuylkill River on an old rail bridge, now part of the trail.

Here are some drawings from photos I took that day. The first two are from ground level in the Manayunk section of the city, where the old rail bridge crosses over the river and over the streets. The bridge with arched sections is the rail bridge. The next one is the commuter rail bridge, still in use.

The last one is of the commuter rail tracks heading into Philadelphia, this time from up above on the old rail bridge, now trail.

Drawing With a Pen #2

These drawings were done from photos I took on a train trip to Washington, DC, earlier this summer. One is of the platform in Philadelphia before we boarded the train. The other one is a scene coming into the city. I think I enjoy looking at “behind-the-scenes” views like these more than visiting national monuments or most museums. I think if I could have toured the second location, I could have spent some hours there. Especially if they had let me climb around on some of these structures…

Lots of Art Lined Up and Waiting

The Small Landscape Giveaway has occupied the painting space on this blog for a long time – all winter, in fact, right? So I have a lot of paintings that I’ve worked on since the fall to show you and I’ll start in right here.

These paintings are all 6″ x 6″ and done in acrylics on board – some with an applied gesso surface with a texture, some with smooth, and some that I gessoed myself with a slightly rough surface. I see that I was using up the tail ends of a lot of categories of board, wasn’t I?

These paintings were all done around the time of October, 2015. Many of them refer to actual sights I saw – look at the captions for more information, if you are interested.

More Reality, Mine and The Other One

More of those 8″ x 10″ paintings inspired by everyday scenes I captured with my little point and shoot camera.

Details Details Details

I’ve been using my camera lot for the Sunshine Project, and along the way I’ve taken some pictures that I think are interesting, all on their own. And there are others that I’ve worked on a bit. Here are some samples.

This first group is shots of things that caught my eye and I’ve left them just as they were.

This next group is of pictures I thought were maybe not so good or that had some flaw, and I took it upon myself to see what I could do with them.

And here’s one that I went a little further on the path of “enhancement”! It started off as one of those photos of the parking lot and I added the lines and colors, then blurred it, and then maybe I did some more things – I don’t remember…

Microorganism. I think.

Microorganism. I think.

Train Trip

About a year ago I made a train trip to Pittsburgh to visit my son. I spent the trip glued to the window. And I took notes in my little orange Rhodia notebook, though not with any real purpose in mind – maybe I thought it might jog my memory when describing the trip to my family and friends.

I thought of making a zine out of it because of a friend – a zine-maker herself. The trip seemed like a good fit for a zine. I was further encouraged by a visit to the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, where there is a great zine collection (I eventually submitted mine to the library and it’s now in their collection).

Now a friend has posted it on the little orange notebook’s blog – she is the editor and a wonderful artist herself. Take a look if you’d like – the whole text is published. And if you want an actual copy, let me know and I’ll send you one.

Thank you to Stephanie, the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, and Katie!

And here’s a picture, not of a train, but of one of the things I really enjoyed on the trip – the buses in Pittsburgh are all different colors, and I loved seeing them moving around the city…
yellow bus #2