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Yellow House Postcard

In May I visited my son in Washington, DC, for the day. We walked over to his office. On the way I saw a row of houses. Very cute little guys they were, and the yellow one in particular.

I took a photo. When I came home, I made this drawing and colored it. Then I sent it in the mail to my son.

I’m wondering if I’ve already told you this story. Well, if so, why not again – this little house deserves a second glance…


Drawing With a Pen #2

These drawings were done from photos I took on a train trip to Washington, DC, earlier this summer. One is of the platform in Philadelphia before we boarded the train. The other one is a scene coming into the city. I think I enjoy looking at “behind-the-scenes” views like these more than visiting national monuments or most museums. I think if I could have toured the second location, I could have spent some hours there. Especially if they had let me climb around on some of these structures…

Lots of Art Lined Up and Waiting

The Small Landscape Giveaway has occupied the painting space on this blog for a long time – all winter, in fact, right? So I have a lot of paintings that I’ve worked on since the fall to show you and I’ll start in right here.

These paintings are all 6″ x 6″ and done in acrylics on board – some with an applied gesso surface with a texture, some with smooth, and some that I gessoed myself with a slightly rough surface. I see that I was using up the tail ends of a lot of categories of board, wasn’t I?

These paintings were all done around the time of October, 2015. Many of them refer to actual sights I saw – look at the captions for more information, if you are interested.