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More. Just More of Them. Watercolory Things, I Mean

Three more paintings, small ones, in watered-down acrylics and including a few touches of an acrylic paint pen. I think this is the end of the current group. I’m planning to do some more experimenting with using acrylics in this manner.

Trees and the Tree-like

Two more experiments with watered-down acrylics.

The first one is my impression of trees and green plants growing in the flood plain near the Pennypack Trail in Lorimer Park, Huntingdon Valley, PA. I also used an acrylic paint pen for some details.

Forest floor

Forest floor

The second one depicts a tree-like creature, looking a bit desperate, and flailing at the moon. I don’t know where this one came from but I hope it all works out ok.

I used the same paint techniques for this one as for the one above.

Creature fending off moonlight.

Creature fending off moonlight.

Both of these are a good size to be sent as postcards so maybe I will do that later on.


Here are a couple more of those watercolory acrylics I’ve been doing. These are a little different – just shapes. Circles, to be specific. I like the feeling of making circles and I think that’s how these came about – I just let the brush do what it wanted to do.

These are each about 5″ x 7″ on Bristol board. I think I may send them as mail art postcards.