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Printed Matter

These postcards all contain print. You know how much I like print. Here is is, again.


Outdoor Life

Clay tiles, 4″ x 4″, Velvet underglazes on commercially-made terracotta tiles, October, 2017.

Musical Chairs

This painting came straight out of my imagination. At the time, I was thinking about the baby grand piano my grandmother had in her living room when I was a young girl. I loved to “play” the piano and I also liked to sit under it. Once in a while my grandmother, who was very busy, would take time to sit down and play what I thought of as elaborate and old-fashioned music, full of flourishes, popular music of her younger years. I thoroughly enjoyed these performances.

“Musical Chairs”, 18″ x 18″, acrylics on wood board, October, 2017.

Stencil Progression

You can see exactly how these postcards relate to each other. The figure in the first postcard is a stenciled figure – see the red haze around her? Now look at the second card. There is the stencil – red.

So you know what I did. I took the figure and painted some red acrylic paint over it. Lifted the stencil. Added some lines. Voila! Postcard #1 done.

In the second one, I placed the figure on a collaged background. Immediately Postcard #2 was done.

There you have it.

Mistake, but I like it

I took this photo by mistake. I was getting ready to photo some paintings – I put them on the concrete floor of my front porch and stand over them to take the pictures. Ooops, my legs wanted to get a selfie done. I liked the way they did it, so I kept the photo.

This is how things happen around here at my house.┬áDon’t ever say serendipity does not have a sense of humor.

Envelopes for Swag Bags Part 2

As I promised, here are the rest of the envelopes I made for my swag bag items for the upcoming indiemade craft market on December 2.


For an explanation of why I created these little envelope-drawings, look here for the full story and to see the other examples.

All right, let’s get to it. Here are the rest of the envelopes that I have to show to you. And remember, if you want a swag bag, you need to get in line around 8 AM. And – dress warmly!

Envelopes for Swag Bags Part 1

On December 2 I will be participating in the indiemade craft market in Allentown, PA, with my clay work. I love this show, seeing many art friends at it every year, and the two women who founded the event are really special people and have become valued friends of mine.

One thing that is a tradition at this show is the swag bag given to the first 50 people in the door (yes, this show is held indoors!). Now, remember, it is December, and it is cold. Some years it has been snowing, and it’s never been balmy weather. But people line up outside the building for up to 2 hours to get one of these bags.

The bags are filled with examples of the work of us artists – we each donate at least 10 items toward filling the bags. The bags themselves are custom-made and differ each year.

I’ve always put my little items in envelopes and decorated them in some simple way. This year I went a little extra. I drew on each envelope and added a snippet of print. I’ll show you some samples of these envelopes here in part one and the rest in part two, a bit later on.

I made about 45 of these envelopes but I did not scan them all – just my favorites. I forgot to measure their size and I’ve thrown out the box, but I think they are about 3″ x 6″, more or less.

Take a look.