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Their Meaning is Not Clear

Here are two mail art postcards from January 2017. I painted the backgrounds with acrylics and then –  I stuck on some random words cut from old books.

Invariably the mind tries to make sense of printed words, no matter how they came together. There is often a disjointed or cryptic kind of meaning to these word assortments. I can’t say that’s the case here, but there is always the look of printed matter to fall back on, as an aesthetic thing on its own, right?

Random People

More mail art featuring people painted in silhouette using stencils.

I make these mail art postcards by painting the shiny side of the card (remember, I am using cardboard from discarded grocery product boxes such as cereal, ice cream pops, etc., so I mean the printed side of the cardboard). I let it dry very well. Then I take my cut-out person and use it as a stencil – I paint over the whole card in another color. When I peel up the stencil, there is a silhouetted person.

I use the painted stencil figures, too – these will appear, or have appeared, in other mail art or artist books or whatever.

Then, I pick some text at random and add it to the card. It is interesting to me how fitting these little bits of conversation seem to be for each person, without any effort on my part to make a conscious choice.

Reminds me of when you hear a snippet of talk as people walk by on the sidewalk or from the next table at the coffee shop. Just a little bit of intriguing conversation and then no more – it’s tantalizing!